Recover Fees - Cash Discount

Offering a cash discount program give your customers an incentive to spend cash. Just like the credit card companies offer an incentive with rewards to your customers for using their cards, you can now offer an incentive to spend with cash.

Business owners continue to lose money, month after month, year after year, because they pay too much in fees for their business.So instead of losing money every month, take charge of your business, and let us help you to RE-Cover your Fees!

When someone asks for extra cheese or dressing, or an extra hem on his or her pants, you charge a fee, because it cost you extra. So why wouldn’t you charge a small fee to each transaction, helping you to cover the cost of alternative forms of payment, its the same as when you pay extra in fees when you make a bank deposit or when you run a credit card, if you use an ATM it cost you money. Our system is designed to help you RE-Cover your lost fees, without creating un-necessary increases to each of your products individually.

With our added fee program you will be able to RE-Cover the expenses from additional fees. In the same way, having our cash reward program, will allow your customers to save. Using both options, on our system will allow you to finally RE-Cover all of your Fees! Alternative methods of payment cost business owners too much money.

With our programs the cash discount program and the recover fees program, you will not only be able to Re-Cover those fees, but at the same time you will not discourage your current customers from spending, because they can always save with the cash discount. This will help you to RE-Cover your expenses without having to raise your prices, keeping you compeitive in the market place and helping your business to grow.

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