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Think Merchant Services is a full-service ATM company dedicated to offering the best ATM products and services, including ATM machines for sale and ATM rentals, mobile ATMs, ATM processing, and free ATM placement — all at affordable prices for your event or business. When you rent or buy an ATM machine from us, you know that you’re purchasing a superior ATM service at a great value.

We offer a variety of ATMs including Nautilus Hyosung Halo II, Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE, Nautilus Hyosung 2700T, Nautilus Hyosung 5200, Nautilus Hyosung 4000W, Genmega 2500, Genmega Onyx, Genmega Onyx W, Genmega C6000, Genmega GT3000, Genmega GT5000, Hantle 1700W, Hantle C4000, Hantle T4000 and Hantle Coingoat ATMs.

Many customers will visit a business simply to use an ATM machine — and then stay to browse the store afterward. Event goers also tend to spend more money when they have an easy and convenient way to secure more cash. Needless to say, the placement of an ATM is a simple way to drive sales for your business or event. As a one stop shop to meet all of your ATM machine needs, we provide exceptional ATM service and ATM placement. Think Merchant Services has become a leader in ATM machine sales, ATM rentals and processing, as we continue operating and servicing ATMs throughout the United States.

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